Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is "so L.A."!

I had to be in Koreatown today to sign up at an employment agency. I mapquested it, and saw that there was a Metro subway stop right near it, so I decided that I would take the subway! I haven't actually ridden it yet. I've been thinking that I really ought to start thinking in terms of taking it when there is a stop near where I'm going, you know, to maybe do a little more to help the environment, etc. But if you have a car in this town and are not completely dependent upon the Metro system, including the good old fashioned buses, you really don't want to deal with said good old fashioned buses; you drive to the subway station and take it from there! Which is actually kind of silly.

I just love how they ripped out the trolley system we used to have (before my time!) "This is a car town"! We love our cars in Los Angeles, and our idea of mass transit when "planning" that kind of thing out way back when, was to build the network of freeways and tear out anything we even had in the way of city rail transit. But I digress. Kind of, it is relevant to the story. Anyway...

I checked the schedules, and by the time I got out of my place I was cutting it close as far as catching the latest train that would get me to my appointment on time. But I had enough time. Except - I pulled into the parking lot, and lo and behold, there is not a single parking space to be found!!! I mean, really!! How ridiculous is that, and yet how VERY L.A.!? I do think there are some other lots, but it was too late to figure that out, so I ended up just driving.

I tried. I guess I'll try harder next time and research where those other lots are and leave earlier. What a lot of trouble one has to go to in order to use the Metro in this town!


Eric said...

I know what you mean! I'm totally dependent on my car and don't have a clue how to use mass transit. I don't even remember the last time I took the bus.

I heard rumors that there's this train thing that goes from Long Beach to Los Angeles. Hmm, sounds like a new creature to me. I've thought about trying it out one day when I'm free - just to explore and people watch. But other than that, I'm not so sure i'd take it if I actually needed to get somewhere on time.

I can so see myself getting lost and ending up in . . . who knows where?

Steve said...

There are some scary neighborhoods Between Long Beach and L.A.! I was thinking that I could take that LB train or I think even the blue line down there when going to your place or gatherings. But you almost need to have a towncar waiting at the other end to take you to your ultimate destination. Okay, or take a cab, or the bus. Or have someone pick you up from the station!